Thursday 5 September 2013

Creating a slideshow video with YouTube in 4 + 1 ridiculously easy steps.

I've been taking photos on my way to work quite regularly of the construction of a new building by Cardiff University: I've been posting them on G+ which has been nice as you can click through and see all the photos and click through to see the progression of the building:

However, now that I've stopped taking the pictures (the building is open) I thought I'd try and put together a video slideshow. 

My immediate thought was to see if the YouTube video editor would allow me to do this: it does and it's really easy!

1. Click on 'Upload' on YouTube which brings up the screen below. From there click on 'Photo slideshow':

2. Either upload photos (I guess) or go straight to your G+ albums. You can see in the screenshot that my 'Cardiff University Maindy Park Construction' is right there:

3. The photos come up right there and you can change the order if need be:

4. You can then mess with some settings and include some music:

5. That's pretty much it but you can click on 'Advanced editor' which brings up the usual video editor that you can use to add annotations and stuff to the video.

Here's the video I put together:

I really like how all these tools talk to each other. As the photos I take go straight to my G+ account anyway through instant backup I might well do a couple more of these which I could always make 'unlisted' if I don't think they're of public interest so that it's easy to share with friends and family.

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