Thursday, 23 January 2014

My Game Theory YouTube Playlist and other resources

I just added Graham Poll's awesome +YouTube playlist ( to my "reading" list for my Game Theory course that I'm teaching on Monday and thought that I should also include the humble videos related to Game Theory that I have on my channel:

I also thought I could get away with making a blog post about this. The playlist above has them in 'last in first out' order but here they are in the order that I made them:

1. "An introduction to mixed strategies using Sage math's interact page."

A video that looks at the 'battle of the sexes' game and also shows of a +Sage Mathematical Software System interact.

2.  "Selfish Behaviour in Queueing Systems"

A video close to my research interests which look at the intersection of Game Theory and Queueing Theory. This video is actually voiced by +Jason Young who was doing his first research internship at the time with me and will be starting his PhD at the beginning of the 2014/2015 academic year.

3. "Pigou's Example"

A video describing a type of Game called a 'routing game'. Pigou's example is a particular game that shows the damaging effect of selfish (rational) behaviour in a congestion affected system. This video also comes with a bit of +Sage Mathematical Software System code.

4. "Calculating a Tax Fare using the Shapley Value"

This is one of my most popular videos despite the error that +Brandon Hurr pointed out at 3:51. It describes a basic aspect of Cooperative Game Theory and uses the familiar example of needing to share a taxi fare as an illustration.

5. "Using agent based modelling to identify emergent behaviour in game theory"

This video shows off some Python code that I've put online that allows the creation of a population of players/agents that play any given normal form game. There are some neat animations showing the players choosing different strategies as they go.

6. "OR in Schools - Game Theory activity"

This isn't actually a video of mine. It is on +LearnAboutOR 's channel but it's a 1hr video of one of the outreach events I do which gets kids/students using Game Theory.

7. "Selfish behaviour in a single server queue"

I built a simulation of a queue (Python code here) with a graphical representation (so you see dots going across the screen). This video simply shows what it can do but also shows how selfish behaviour can have a damaging effect in queues.

I'm going to be putting together (fingers crossed: time is short) a bunch more over the coming term.

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