Friday 26 April 2013

Invitation to play a game

So I've blogged about the two thirds of the average game quite a few times now. The latest pos that is kind of a summary of the other posts can be found here.

This post is however a bit different. I'm teaching a new game theory course next year and am busy preparing that. I'm planning on using various interactive games to help with my teaching. As a result I've been figuring out google's app engine so that I can host some of these games online.

The result of this is that I've put together an online open version of the two thirds of the average game that I'd really appreciate you taking the time to play.

The website is: and it will take you 3 minutes to make a guess (you're welcome to guess a bunch of times, only your last guess will count).

Thanks to +Leanne Smith+Zoe Prytherch+Izabela Komenda+Penny Holborn and +Angelico Fetta for testing it for me. Hopefully the bugs are all gone :)

I'll let this run for a week and pick the winner(s) on the 3rd of May at 1200 GMT. That's a week away. I would really aprpeciate you taking the time to play and can't offer much to the winners a part from being named (if you would like me to) in my blog post I write next week :)

So please do take the take to guess, more details about the game itself can be found at the site:

All the code for the site can be found at this github repo.

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