Friday 3 May 2013

Results from my online version of the two thirds of the average game.

In my previous blog post I described briefly the online version of the two thirds of the average game that I set up using Google's app engine (the main reason for this was to make sure I knew how to do it as I plan on using something similar in an upcoming class).

I invited people to play and kept the game going for a week. I was hoping for a few more participants than I go but it was nice to get 76 people take the time to play.

Drum roll...

The winning guess was 15 and this was guessed by a single individual who did not leave a url but whose google username makes me think their name is Dalibor Smid: so congratulations and thanks for playing :)

The distribution of the guesses is fairly traditional for this experiment with peaks at the guesses that are 2/3s of the previous peak (66,44,29, 19 etc...).

Thanks a lot to everyone for playing and also for everyone who re-shared my invitation:
and others that I apologise for forgetting!

I'm going to leave the game up there and reset it. I'll let the data store fill up until reaching 200 people and then reset it again (assuming 200 poeple ever decide to play :) etc...

So if you want to have another go please do go play:

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